It was the first pot of flowers I bought.

I like flowers in nature, not much for those put in death for human pleasure though. Flowers are so delicate. For years, I’ve felt it was quite a responsibility to grow one, so I didn’t.

Until that day, an orchid on…

Happy Lunar New Year!

Although I consider myself more a global citizen after spending almost half of my life so far in North America and another half in Asia, it is always good to double the amount of holiday celebration and joy (and sometimes 4x when you’re working with a…

AI is entering your company, sooner or later. Yet, a research in 2017 shows, 41% of the company executives are not sure what will be the role of AI in their company. Which business processes will it impact? How and how much?

This article provides an easy-to-use framework for you…

Artificial intelligence (AI) is inevitable, and corporations and individuals are trying to understand it to stay relevant. While you would not find an AI strategy for your company by reading through thousands of existing use cases, you can design one and know how it will evolve by understanding AI conceptually.

As Blockchain continues to rise, many people have asked me: What does blockchain mean to us? Will it disrupt the industry we are in? When and how should we respond to this new technology?

Many articles do a pretty good job explaining the Blockchain technology. However, for business leaders and…

In part I, we talked about the differences between Fads and Trends and why they’re important.

Forgot what I talked about in part I? Here are the main points

  1. Fads explode but fade, trends grow and last
  2. Most of the so-called trends are actually fads
  3. The Media is forced/incentivized/unaware of…

Claire Liang

Living at the intersections of tech/humanity, VC/mgmt consulting, Asia/America, Millennials/Gen Z…

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